November 19, 2019
by Hy-Vee Dietitian

12 Days of Holiday Snacks

Balancing sweet treats with healthier options is a great way to make good choices throughout the holidays. Here you’ll find a combination of 12 sweet and savory holiday-themed snacks that are just as fun to make as they are to eat!

Here’s How You Do It:

    1. Waffle Tree12 Days of Holiday Snacks 1-4
      • Mix Kodiak Cakes Buttermilk & Honey waffle mix according to package directions.
      • Tint the waffle batter green with food coloring.
      • Cook batter in a waffle iron. 
      • Arrange waffle triangles in a tree shape.  Add berry ornaments and a butter star.
      • Drizzle with Kodiak Cakes Fruit Syrup for garland.
    2. Strawberry Santa Claus
      • Cut a round slice of apple for Santa's head.
      • Cut a strawberry in half cross-wise to form Santa's hat & chin. Attach with frosting.
      • Pipe frosting for the rim of the hat, pompom, & Santa’s beard.
      • Dot eyes with frosting & attach candy for pupils.
    3. Starry Night
      • Arrange 5 triangle pita chips into a star shape.
      • Scoop guacamole into center & top with thinly sliced red pepper garland.
    4. Banana Penguins
      • Cut a banana in half & dip halves into melted white chocolate. Allow to set.
      • Dip the tip into melted dark chocolate & brush more dark chocolate onto the sides.
      • Add 3 orange Reese’s pieces for the nose & two feet.
      • Add candy eyes & mini chocolate chips for tuxedo buttons.
    5. Hot Tub Hot Cocoa 12 Days of Holiday Snacks 5-12
      • Poke a candy cane through 1 Reese's cup & 3 marshmallows to build a snowman.
      • Attach sprinkles or mini chocolate chips for buttons & eyes.
      • Add an orange Twizzler twist for the nose.
      • Wrap a red Fruit Roll-Up piece around the neck as a scarf.
    6. PB&J People
      • Start by making a full PB&J sandwich.
      • Use a gingerbread man cookie cutter to cut out sandwich pieces.
      • Add peanut buttons, raisin eyes, cut out apricot bows, & jelly lips.
    7. “Fruity” Cane
      • Cut strawberries & bananas into slices & arrange in a candy cane shape, alternating fruits.
      • Serve with fruit dip, peanut butter, or Greek yogurt dip.
    8. Snowball Snack
      • Bake Kodiak Cakes Chocolate Chip Blondie brownie mix according to package instructions.  Cool completely.
      • Crumble cake into large bowl & stir in 1 cup creamy vanilla frosting until combined.
      • Shape into 2-inch balls & roll in shredded coconut.
    9. Edible Snow Globe
      • Toast a plain bagel.
      • Top with cream cheese & grated Parmesean cheese for snow.
      • Cut house & tree sections from red & green bell peppers & press into bagel top.
      • Use toothpicks to support the top or keep flat.
    10. Deli-icious Tree
      • Cut 4 sizes of stars from toasted bread, American cheese, & deli ham.
      • Cut the trunk and star topper from a block of cheddar cheese.
      • Skewer ingredients starting with the trunk and larger stars.
      • Add lettuce between layers & top with star.
    11. Lunch Box Buddies
      • Draw a face on the wrapper of a mozzarella cheese stick.
      • Tie a ribbon around the cheese stick for the scarf.
      • Cut a fingertip off an old knitted glove & place on top for the hat.
      • Pair with Kodiak Cakes Bear Bites Graham Crackers for added protein!
    12. Reindeer Krispies
      • Make marshmallow crispy treats according to cereal package directions.
      • Once done, cut rows & then into triangles.
      • Insert a peppermint stick into each triangle.
      • Coat pretzel pieces in white or dark chocolate & sprinkles.
      • Add halved white or dark chocolate wafers for ears.
      • Add candy eyes & a red M&M nose.
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