October 30, 2019
by KidsFit Coach & Hy-Vee Dietitian

4 Reasons Why Halloween is Healthy

Halloween doesn’t have to spook our health.  In fact, dressing up and trick or treating can be rewarding and even help kids stay healthy.  

Use these 4 reasons as a tool to guide a healthier conversation about the holiday with your family.

  1. Promotes imagination and creativity
    • Costumes let kids be creative, enhancing brain development and problem solving skills
    • Costume choice allows personality expression and exploration of being different
    • Allows kids to forget about stresses of school and be kids a little longer
  2.  Improves social skills and self-esteem
    • Teaches kids about saying “please” and “thank you” when asking for/accepting a piece of candy
    •  Helps them understand patience
    • Develops social etiquette (like walking on the sidewalk instead of running across the neighbors’ lawn while trick or treating)
    • Builds kids’ confidence in speaking up for themselves and introducing themselves to neighbors
    • Allows kids to be proud of their choices (how their costume looks, the story behind it, etc.)
  3. Fosters connection & community
    • Helps kids understand the importance of environmental safety and walking with people you trust
    • Encourages connection with friends if trick or treating in a large group, and lets kids get to know their neighbors
    • Grows connection and communication with parents/caregivers, which can reduce childhood stress
  4. Creates opportunities for positive conversation about food
    • Opportunity for families to teach moderation
    • Teaches lessons of how foods make us feel and what kind of energy they give us (sometimes too much candy can hurt our stomachs)
    • Candy is OKAY to eat and not “bad”

Talk to your kids about a healthier Halloween, and most importantly: have fun! 

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