November 9, 2016
by Daira Driftmier

Be Consistent, Be Responsible

The 5-Week Challenge is here to help promote a consistent and fun way to help kids and families stay active at home. Being consistent and taking personal responsibility for yourself is how goals can be achieved successfully for your health, your life and your future goals.

The 5-Week Challenge helps to develop a positive pattern in your life. If you struggle making these challenges part of your daily life, here are some tips to help stay consistent and take responsibility for your choices.

  1. “Don’t bite off more than you can chew.”

    • Too many obligations or long to-do lists you may be setting yourself up to fail.

    • Prioritize what you want to do and do them well.

    • Engage help from your family on ways to set yourself up for success.

  2. Find someone who supports you in your life.

    • Parents provide family routines.

    • Teachers provide structure and support at school.

    • Friends can have similar goals who provide support and model similar goals.

  3. Communicate with your support system

    • Invite your supporters to join in the fun.

    • Create a fun reward with your support system when you remain consistent and hold each other accountable.

  4. Encourage Others

    • Being positive is contagious. It will overflow into other areas of your life.

    • Supports your family, friends and peers in their goals.

Some have done the 5-Week Challenge multiple times as a Rookie. Some have advanced to Pro or All-Star. We are all different but have one common goal to be the best version of ourselves.



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