June 19, 2020
by KidsFit Trainer

Biking 101

Biking is a really fun part of your race. But it’s also typically the longest and can be difficult if you don’t prepare the right way for it.

Here’s 3 tips to help you succeed at biking during a race:

  1. Safety First
    • Always wear a helmet when you ride!
    • Be aware of your surroundings. Learn the rules of the road.
    • Start small and work big. Begin with lower intensity rides and work your way up, building in intensity each week.
  2. Get to Know Your Bike
    • Find the right bike for you. Make sure it’s the right size and can meet the needs of your race.
    • Adjust it to how you like it and make it comfortable to you.
    • Understand the difference between the two brakes:
      • Left hand is the front brake or primary brake.
      • Right hand is back brake.
      • Slowly push both brakes when stopping your bike.
    • Practice getting on and off your bike so you can do it safely and efficiently.
  3. Practice Good Mechanics
    • Always look in front of you, to see what’s coming and to keep balanced.
    • Keep your shoulders relaxed, arms tucked in, and your core engaged.
    • Keep your knees in line with your feet/pedals, and drive through your feet.

Remember these tips when you train for your race and you will be a much more successful on the bike!

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