March 10, 2017
by Daira Driftmier

Exercise Makes You HAPPY!

We all know that exercise is good for us. Many people focus on exercise as a way to make our body look good.

I want to help change that - exercise is most important because it helps our body FEEL good!!!

Learn WHY & HOW exercise makes you feel good, HAPPY!

4 Reasons Exercise Makes YOU a Happier Person:

  1. Releases a “happy” chemical, called Dopamine in your brain
    • Research has shown us that as we age we lose this “happy” chemical. To get more we have to challenge our bodies to continue to get more of these “happy” chemicals
    • The best way à RUN, JUMP, PLAY – get MOVING!
  2. Lowers Anxiety and Improved Response to Stress
    • Sweat out your worries. Managing stress and anxiety can improve by challenging your mind and body with a physical challenge.
    • Trying something new can take your mind off your stress or worries. Have you tried DANCING or YOGA?
  3. Energizes and increases confidence
    • Exercise provides strength, independence and confidence. Guaranteed even if you have low energy when starting to exercise, you will feel much better after your exercise.
    • So the next time you have had a long day at school, muster up some willpower to go for a walk or if stuck indoors complete a KidsFit Challenge to help boost your energy.
  4. Improves Sleep.
    • Regular exercise helps you get quality sleep. Quality sleep helps give you more pep in your step as you start the day.
    • This leads to a happier, healthier YOU!

Continue your 5-Week Challenge to keep challenging yourself. Complete at Rookie, Pro & All-Star!

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