January 22, 2020
by KidsFit Coach

Flex Your Brain

When we face difficult situations, we can sometimes get stuck in one way of thinking. Brain flexibility is the ability to change our ways of thinking in order to solve a problem. Try the 30 Things Challenge to “flex” your brain!

We can get better at cognitive flexibility by practicing. Exercise your mind with these 3 tips!

1. Try new things. When we try new things, we make new connections in our brain that can help solve problems in the future!

Example: Try a piece of fresh broccoli. If you don’t like it fresh, try it steamed. Cooking a vegetable in new ways can help you discover what you like.

2. Challenge yourself.  When you challenge yourself, it means that you’re trying. Even if you don’t succeed the first time, trying again will help you get better. That way, when we have no choice but to do something difficult, it will be easier and more familiar.

Example: Maybe you’re only able run halfway around the track before you need to walk. By continuing to challenge yourself, you’ll make it farther each time, and eventually you’ll complete a whole running lap!

3. Share your learning. Share what you learn at school and apply it at home. When you teach others, it helps you make connections to all the fun things you learn.

Example: You learned you should eat 5 fruits and vegetables every day. Maybe your little sister doesn’t know this yet, so teaching her will help keep her healthy, too!

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