December 30, 2020
by KidsFit Coach

Focus of the Year

The start of a new year is a great time to reflect on all you accomplished in the past 365 days. It is also common time to think about ways you can improve in the year ahead and set goals. Choosing one word to FOCUS on in all areas of life is a great way to build a foundation for goal setting.

Choosing a focus, will require some thinking.

  1. Think about all of the challenges you faced this year.
  2. Make a list of skills or traits that would have been helpful when facing hard times.
  3. Choose the trait you want to improve the most this year!

A few examples of a yearly focus are. . .

  • Positivity 
  • Balance
  • Courage
  • Friendship
  • Passion
  • Movement
  • Action
  • Trust

After you choose your focus, set a goal for the next month based on your focus. At the beginning of each month, reflect on your progress and make a new goal!

Use our Focus of the Year challenge to write down your focus, keep track of your goals, and keep you accountable! Each new goal you set should help you become one step closer to mastering your focus.

We can’t wait to see what you choose to FOCUS on for 2021! Send your Focus of the Year challengeto [email protected] to receive your monthly KidsFit Club PRIZE!*


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