March 30, 2020
by KidsFit Health Educator

KidsFit Activities for Little Ones

Movement is important for kids of all ages. We have compiled all of our best resources for the little ones in your life so they too can stay active at home! 

PLAY- These activities will help make movement FUN!

The Floor Is Lava

Animal Tabata

Roll The Dice

Moving to the Music

Emoji Day

Spooky Circuit

Halloween Tricks

Loony Labyrinth

National SUPERHERO Day

Track Your Trails


Relay Race

EAT- Eat activities are about more than just cooking, they will get your little ones moving while beginning to introduce concepts on fueling your body!

Eating the Color of the Rainbow

Rainbow Relay

Go, Slow & Whoa

Fruit & Veggie Twister

Moving with MyPlate

LEARN- Learn activities will challenge little brains and teach new concepts on wellness.

Scavenger Hunt

ABCs of Play

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