May 28, 2020
by KidsFit Coach

KidsFit Board Game

All You Need:

All You Do:

  1. Print the materials above!
    • Each player can create their own board game or you can create one together! Make sure to print extra player pieces if you decide to share a game board. 
  2. Design Your Board Game 
    • Fill in your towns name in the blank under the Hy-Vee Store. Next draw your 2 favorite places to be active in the empty boxes.
  3. Create Your Adventure
    • Cut out all of the game tiles and glue them onto your game board in a path. You can glue them in any order you want just make sure to start at the KidsFit logo, pass through your favorite places to play and finish at the Hy-Vee Store!
    • Next design your player piece and cut it out! You can draw yourself, write your name or draw your favorite health icon!
  4. PLAY with your family and friends!
    • Use any 6-sided die to place. The KidsFit dice will work if you don't have one on hand. 
    • Draw a PLAY card every time you land on a blue tile! Complete 10 reps of the movement. 
    • Draw an EAT card every time you land on a yellow tile! Name the correct food group. 
    • Draw a LEARN card every time you land on a red tile! Answer the trivia question. If you land on a gray tile, the person to your left draws any card for you!
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