May 28, 2020
by KidsFit Coach

Mood Meter

Checking in with how we feel is important because emotions play a big role in how the rest our days can turn out. If we are lucky, one good day can turn into 2-3 great days! But sometimes, if we forget to take ownership in how we are feeling, one bad day has the ability to turn into a bad week.

Recognizing that we have a large amount of control over our emotions can be tricky to learn, especially when we are young! But once we have mastered this skill, you will begin to see the influence it has on your Emotional Wellness, and other areas of your overall health.

Practice identifying emotions with the help of our Mood Meter!

Here’s How You Do It:

  1. Print out your Mood Meter

  2. Hang the worksheet on the fridge, bathroom mirror or another safe spot

  3. Grab a magnet, sticky note or other object that is easy to move from place-to-place

  4. Start each day by moving your magnet or sticky note to the emotion on the wheel that best represents how you’re feeling

  5. Check in with how you’re feeling 3-5x each day by moving your object around the wheel

PRO-TIP: See if you can recognize patterns of how you’re feeling during certain situations, or certain times of the day. If you start to notice you are tired around the same time each, try heading outside to play and boost your energy levels!

Parents, you can help build your child’s Emotional Wellness by encouraging them to check-in and identify their feelings throughout the day and in certain situations. Help them identify tougher emotions, and give them an alternative feeling that may better fit the situation they are facing.



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