May 28, 2020
by KidsFit Coach

My Month in Moods

The way we feel changes every day! For example, maybe yesterday you were at a friend’s house, and your day was filled with excitement and laughter. But now you are feeling exhausted from all the fun you had, and maybe even grumpy from being tired. 

Our moods often depend on one another, and largely influence the next emotion you feel. While it is normal to feel a handful of feelings each day, we don’t want certain emotions to take over for too long, and make one bad day turn into two bad days. 

Practice taking control of how you’re feeling, and picking up on emotional patterns with our My Month in Moods activity! 

Here’s How You Do It:

  1. Print out the My Month in Moods worksheet

  2. Using markers or crayons, complete the key at the bottom of the activity

  3. Each day, fill in the box with the color that best summarizes how you felt that day

  4. Repeat until the worksheet is complete.

PRO-TIP: When finished, reflect on how you felt overall that month. See if certain events that happened played a role in how you felt that day, and the days following. Again, it’s normal to have off days, but use them as learning opportunities to make the next day a better one!

Parents, help build your child’s Emotional Wellness by encouraging them to pick-up on emotional patterns and use them as a challenge to turn bad days into better ones!