January 2, 2019
by Daira

PLAY Cards Game #1 - Sequence

Have fun burning off some energy while building up your memory and muscle with our FIRST Hy-Vee KidsFit Card game.

Print the sheets off here!

Game #1: Sequence

  • Game can be played with 1 deck (16 cards). 
  • 1 - 20+ Players

Here's how you do it:

  1.     Leader pulls one card from the deck. 
  2.     Family/Class complete the card activity & lays the card facedown.
  3.     Leader pulls an additional card.
  4.     Family/Class completes card #1 from memory, adds the additional card (#2) & lays the card facedown when complete.
  5.     Leader pulls an additional card.
  6.     Family/Class repeats card #1, then #2 and then the new card.
  7.     This is repeated until you successfully complete a set GOAL number for memory in a row.

Rookie (Pre-K – 2ndgrade)

  •  Recommented 3-4 for memory.
  • Consider reducing the repetitions to 5 reps per exercise.

Pro (3rd– 5thgrade)

  • Recommended 5-6 for memory.

All-Star (6th– 8thgrade)

  • Recommended 7-8 for memory.
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