August 13, 2020
by KidsFit Trainer


Posture is the position your body adopts in response to the force of gravity placed upon it. It’s your body’s natural response to gravity by aligning itself in the best position possible to evenly distribute that force. This makes posture very unique to you!

Posture is also something that is best developed at a young age. This is when your body does its most growing and develops habits that will carry on into the rest of your life. That’s why the earlier you develop good habits, the better!

So what makes posture good or bad? Good posture is characterized by the position in which you feel safe and balanced, can do everyday tasks in, and a position that doesn’t cause your body pain or harm. This typically involves having a neutral, or straight spine. Bad posture is when the position you are in causes harm to your body or limits you from doing day-to-day tasks. You typically see this when your back is excessively rounded for long periods of time.

The best way to ensure you are developing good posture is by being regularly active. More movement leads to stronger and more active muscles to help hold your body in a better position.

Here are a couple of our favorite moves you can do to help your body develop better postural habits:

  1. Bird Dog
  2. Lying Leg Extension
  3. Lying Superman
  4. Wall Angels

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