August 17, 2016
by Hy-Vee Dietitian

Red, White & Blue Snack Platter

Try this Red, White and Blue Snack Platter filled with good-for-you foods that look amazing! Here are the super foods we used to make our patriotic platter.

  • Jicama (hē-kə-mə)This interesting-looking vegetable may take you by surprise with its flavor. Its taste is best described as a cross between a water chestnut and an apple. Jicama is rich in fiber, vitamin C, iron and low in calories. Simply peel, slice and enjoy! It may just become a family favorite in your household. Try it!

  • Red Bell Pepper StripsThis vibrant vegetable is one of the most nutritious vegetables, providing the highest amounts of vitamin C among any pepper varieties. Vitamin C helps us from getting sick and helps heal our cuts faster.

  • HealthMarket™ Pineapple Salsa – This sweet salsa is perfect for kids to enjoy. Salsa is jam-packed with super veggies that can count toward the recommended daily serving of vegetables. Hooray!