May 28, 2020
by KidsFit Coach


You might not be looking for a job just yet, but it’s never too early to learn how to build your own resume! A resume is a document that you use to showcase your skills, abilities, and experience in hopes of getting hired for a job. It lets you highlight things you’re good at and things you’ve already accomplished.

A basic resume is made up of a few key sections:

  • Skills
    • What are your skills? This is where you write down a few things that you think you’re really good at. 
  • Education
    • How many grades of school have you completed? You get to talk about how much school you’ve done as well as the biggest accomplishments you've made or 
  • Experience
    • What kind of jobs or activities have you done? Talk about any jobs, chores, or activities you’ve been a part of and how they’ve helped you learn and improve.
  • References
    • Sometimes an employer wants to know what other people think about you, to see if you’re a good candidate for the job. Write down a few people that you think would be proud of you and recommend you!

You may not need a formal resume for a while but you can practice highlighting your best skills now with the My KidsFit Resume worksheet! 

Here's How You Do It:

  1. Learn how to make your resume above
  2. Print off the My KidsFit Resume worksheet
  3. Fill in all of the boxes
  4. You’re ready to go!