August 9, 2019
by Hy-Vee KidsFit Coach

Self-Care for the Whole Family

September is National Self-Care Awareness Month.  Taking care of yourself in all aspects of your life helps you stay healthy, retain focus, and be a better student, friend, brother or sister.Self-Care for the Whole Family  Below are 6 simple self-care ideas to get you started.  Get your family involved in the self-care routine, too!

  1. Go on a walk with others
    • Going on a walk creates energy. Enjoy the outdoors and create conversation with others by bringing a friend or family member.  Ask someone to go on a walk in a safe place when the weather is nice! You can even create a game and track your activity here!
  2. Create a self-care nook
    • Ask an adult to help build a space just for you.  It could be in your room or another part of your home.  Fill the space with your favorite things.  Use the nook for slowing down during your day or as a “get away.”  Suggested guideline for slow down time is age = # of minutes.
  3. Eat together as a family
    • Enjoying meals together with your family builds trust and friendship and creates a positive environment.  Make it a goal to eat at least 1 meal a week together. Check out our blog post for some ideas to create fun dinner conversations!
  4. Try deep breathing
    • Taking deep breaths allows us to recenter and calm our nerves.  Try inhaling for a count of 4, holding your breath for 1 count, and exhaling for a count of 4.  Repeat for a few breaths or whenever you need a calm mind.
  5. Try slower movement with yoga
    • Yoga helps us slow down and be mindful of how our body feels.  Try this yoga flow to start or end your day with positive movement.
  6. Have a 1-minute dance party
    • When you’re feeling stressed with homework or need a burst of energy, take a break and have a mini dance party!  Stop what you’re doing, put on your favorite song, and dance like nobody’s watching.  If you need ideas, check out our list of favorites!

Use our worksheet and try our Self Care Sunday Challenge this month to help take care of YOU.  Add in your own ideas, and use the journal as a template for future self-care activities, too!

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