August 11, 2022
by Makayla, KidsFit Coach

Skipping with Skippy

Our friends at Skippy are the peanut butter making pros! First, they grind peanuts into a paste, next they add all other ingredients, then they stir before filling the jars we find on Hy-Vee shelves. But did you know the steps to making peanut butter are a lot like learning to skip?

We’ve partnered with our friends at Skippy to show you how!

Here’s How You Do It!

PRO TIP: Skippy has been making peanut butter since 1933 so they have had lots of time to master the process. You may need to take your time to master the skipping process as well! Practice any of the 4 stages of skipping for as long as you need before moving on.

  1. Skipping Fundamentals– To start the peanut butter making process, peanuts are ground into a fine paste. To start skipping, you must learn to hop from one foot to the other.
    • Once you have mastered balancing on one foot, try hopping in place from one foot to the other.
    • PRO TIP: Tell young kids to imagine they are crushing peanuts.
  2. Forward Skipping- Once peanuts are all ground up, it’s time to and combine with the other ingredients. Think of stepping, hopping and balancing as the ingredients to skipping. When you have mastered these ingredients, it’s time to combine for forward skipping!
    • Take a step forward with one leg then immediately raise the opposite leg to hop. Continue this pattern while saying “step-hop” out loud.
  3. Backward Skipping- Once all the ingredients are combined, peanut butter must be stirred to reach that smooth and creamy consistency we all love. If you have mastered forward skipping, it’s time to put your skills to the test to see if you can skip smooth backwards!
  4. Power Skipping- Skippy doesn’t always stop once the peanut butter is smooth! Their Peanut Butter with Blended Protein is great for recovering muscles. Put your muscles to the test with the Power Skip!
    • While skipping, push off the ground as hard as you can to jump as high as possible.
    • Don’t forget to drive your knee in the air! 

Great job, skipper! Now it's time to enjoy a delicious post-workout snack. Try using Skippy in some of our favorite KidsFit Approved recipes!

Looking for a quick option? Peanut butter can be paired with a wide variety of other yummy foods for a complete snack! Give it a try with:  

  • Apple Slices
  • Carrot Sticks
  • Oatmeal
  • Whole grain crackers

No matter which option you choose, we know you are sure to GO TO YOUR SKIPPY PLACE!

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