January 17, 2017
by Hy-Vee Dietitian

Snack Attack 3

Fruit, Grains and Dairy! This superstar snack provides three food groups from MyPlate.  Snack on some melon cubes and crunchy sweet oat squares while you sip a fruity kefir drink.

  • Honeydew Melon – This light green sweet melon has a juicy flesh providing a healthy dose of vitamin C, boosting our immune system which helps prevent our bodies from getting sick.

  • Hy-Vee Oat Squares Cereal – This cereal is yummy even without milk! Snack on this cereal by itself or add to your next trail mix. One serving provides 5 grams of fiber and 6 grams of protein!

  • Kefir – This drink tastes like a drinkable yogurt and is packed with more than 10 live active cultures, also known as “good bugs,” that help keep our bodies healthy. Kefir is a great drink to try especially during the flu season. Many good bugs in your belly will help fight off and prevent any cold or sickness - hooray!

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