August 1, 2017
by Daira Driftmier

Splash, Style & Smile!

Yes, we all have fun at the pool but here is a Challenge to involve the whole family together. This could possibly carry over into more conversations at home. The great thing about this challenge is other people at the pool may join in with your family. Having fun is contagious and could even lead to meeting some new people in your community. So remember – have the most FUN!!


  1. Each player is individual and judged by their friends and family on a scale of 1 – 10.
    • 1 = Not Good
    • 10 = Super Awesome
  2. Each player is judged on 3 SKILLS
    • Splash
      • Players must agree on if you are playing for the BIGGEST Splash or the SMALLEST Splash.
    • Style
      • How creative can you get jumping in off the side of the pool or the diving board.
    • Smile
      • This gives the possible 4 year old to get a 10 on this skill when they may not be able to complete on the others on Splash and Style with a 9-10 year old
      • Smiling is a great life skill and a great thing to remind everyone when approaching a Challenge.
      • A simple smile can help your attitude when approaching something new in life. Learn this young, reap the benefits as you get older.
  3. The player with the highest score on their jump would win.


Do you want to make this Challenge a longer game?

  • Complete the best out of 3 jumps or 5 jumps!
  • Change the Splash requirement.

Good luck! Make sure to follow along with us on Facebook & Instagram. Tag us if you video your team challenge. We would love to repost your TEAM accomplishments!

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