May 28, 2020
by Jake Potratz

Step Challenge

Why a step challenge?

A step challenge is a great way to promote and improve our physical wellness. It’s a proven fact that individuals who meet their step goals show improved physical wellness in a variety of different measurements. Monitoring your steps is an easy way to track how much physical activity you are taking part in on any given day.

Doing a step challenge is also a really good way to practice setting and achieving goals! You practice setting goals by laying out how many steps you want to get and planning how you’re going to get there. Then you practice achieving your goals by executing your plan and tracking your progress.

How to do a step challenge:

  1. Print the KidsFit Step Challenge
  2. Create your step goal
    • Rookie level: 7,000 steps per day
    • Pro level: 10,000 steps per day
    • All-Star level: 15,000 steps per day
  3. Outline your plan to reach your step goal
  4. Challenge a family member or friend to join you
    • Goals like this are easier to achieve when you have a partner or team to help keep you motivated and on track
  5. Track your progress for 1 week
    • Pedometer
    • App
    • Smart watch
    • If you don’t have a device, you can still track your progress by time with the Track Your Trails worksheet