April 16, 2015
by Daira

Tabata Together

Tabata training is a type of high-intensity interval training that follow a specific format:

  • 20 seconds of exercise/10 seconds of rest
  • Repeat 4 cycles for a total time of 2 minutes
  • This is considered 1 SET.

Here are some tips before engaging in your first Tabata training session.

  1. Make sure you are warmed up before the activity.
  2. If you’re new to this type of training, start with 4-6 cycles of each exercise. As you get stronger you can add additional cycles.
  3. If you are having a hard time recovering from an exercise, increase your resting time.
  4. If you do more than one Tabata set, rest 1 minute between each set.
  5. Monitor your intensity.

Have fun doing this workout with family or friends! Modify as needed while you are watching along with the video.

Remember, every person is at a different level of fitness.

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