October 17, 2017
by Daira Driftmier

Team Challenge

 Have fun at school or at home with a fun game for small or large groups of people.

All You Need:

  • Phase 10 cards or a deck of cards
    • For the instructions we use Phase 10, but it could also be used for spades, diamonds, hearts, clubs.

Here's How You Do It!:

  1. Create teams within your classroom or home.
    • Could be a showdown between two people or it could be of multiple sets of teams.
  2. Assign a movement to each color of card.
  3. Draw a card from the deck, each team completes the number of repetitions on the card with the aligning movement.
    • 5 Red = 5 Crab Toe Touches.
  4. When the team completes the movement each player would sit down crisscross apple sauce.
  5. Teacher or Parent awards the card to the Team who completes first.
  6. The Team who earns 5 cards would win the Team Challenge.

Looking for a easier Team Challenge?

Try this:



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