August 8, 2016
by Daira Driftmier

The Hy-Vee KidsFit Games

Use your imagination with your family and friends with the Hy-Vee KidsFit Games.

This can be played individually or in teams. Use our six events below or create your own! Some events will require a vote for a winner, while some events there would be an identifiable winner. Pair up or compete individually.

  1. Flag, Flare & Fans

    1. Make a flag representing yourself, what your ‘country’ is like, could include name and/or pictures defining your ‘country’.

      1. Outside, use sidewalk chalk. Indoor, use paper!

      2. Give a short speech about what your flag means.

      3. Everyone must vote for a team. No voting for yourself. The team with the most votes wins.

  2. Torch Toss

    1. Cut out the middle of 3 paper plates.

    2. Create a target with chalk on the cement. (see photo)

      • The ring must be completely inside the ring to get the higher point value.

        • Outside ring, 1 Point. Middle Ring, 2 Points. Inside ring, 3 points.
      • Each team gets 3 tosses. The team to total the most points would win.

  3. Block Bluster

    • Determine a track

      • Around the block is a good one, staying on the sidewalk

      • If you have a large group, you may want to consider timing each member to avoid collisions.

      • The team with the shortest amount of time would win.

  4. Power Plank

    • Each individual would see how many Plank Shoulder Touches they can do in 60 Seconds.
      • The time starts when each person is on their hands and toes.
    • The team who can perform the most Plank Shoulder Touches in 60 seconds would win.

  5. Tick Tock Tower

    • Test your brain power and focus to see who can build the highest tower out of blocks.

      • Who can build the highest single block tower in 30 seconds?

      • The team whose tower is the tallest would win.

  6. Hanging Around

    • Who can hang from the monkey bars the longest?

    • The team who can hang the longest amount of time would win.

Good luck! May the best team win!




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