February 28, 2020
by KidsFit Coach

The Journey of a Sound

While hearing and listening are two different things, they are definitely related!

Hearing is when something happens and we are brains are able to register a noise. There are three stops that a sound makes before reaching your brain! That means when a dog barks, that noise has to go through three places in your ear before you actually know that the dog barked. 

 First, the outer ear picks up the sound. The outer ear is the part of our ears that we can see and it acts like a funnel to catch sounds!

Then it moves to the middle ear. The middle ear (believe it or not) is made up of 3 little bones! It gets sounds from the outer ear and then amplifies it for the inner ear.

Finally the inner ear is the translator of the system! It turns the sound waves into a language that our brains can understand.

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