January 14, 2016
by Daira Driftmier

Throw Back Fitness

You can do this workout outside or inside your home. You and your partner can have fun completing this ‘Throw Back’ workout together.

You must each complete exercise #1 before moving onto exercise #2, #3, and #4.

Fit Tip:

  • To see improvement, record your time after you and your partner complete exercise #4.
  • To make the workout harder, add more repetitions of each exercise. For example: 10 Leap Frogs, 10 Plank Under/Overs, etc.

Good luck! HAVE FUN!!

  1. 10 Plank High-Fives
  2. 5 Plank Under/Over (each person)
  3. 5 Resisted Leg Drops (each person)
  4. 5 Wheel Barrow steps forward (each person)
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