June 3, 2015
by Daira Driftmier

Training for a RACE!

Walking, jogging, and running are life-long healthy habits. This program will help increase your strength, endurance and your self-confidence. The 8-Week 5K Training Program for ROOKIE, PRO, and ALL-STARS will help you prepare to finish a 5K.

The structure of the program is time based. Rest when needed. The intensity level increases gradually each week to prevent injury.

Include your parents/guardians in the longer walk/runs. It is a great way to hold you accountable.

Before starting a training program:

  1. Get your parents/guardians approval.
  2. Print out the Training Guide for your fitness level.
  3. Put on your running shoes and get moving!

Which program should I start with?

  1. Rookie - You can not complete a mile walk/running, without stopping.
  2. Pro - You can walk/run a mile without stopping.
  3. All-Star - You can run a mile without stopping.

Things to consider when starting this program:

  • Running pace – The race is not a sprint, run at a pace that you can maintain.
  • Hydration – Make sure you have water before exercise, during, and after.
  • Weather – Dressed according to the weather. Be smart.
  • Footwear – Shoe laces tied snugly to avoid tripping.
  • Traffic – Find a safe, familiar, quiet area. Get your parents/guardians approval of safe running spaces.
  • Accountability – Post your program where you will see it daily. Create incentives with your parents/guardians for completing each week.

Remember, all STRETCHING days for the 5k Training Program can be found in the 5-Week Challenge.

Stretching is an important part of training. Don't skip it!

The great thing about the 8-Week 5k Training Program is that you can still do the 5-Week Challenge workouts with your friends and family.