August 3, 2021
by KidsFit Coach & KidsFit Health Educator

What is Individuality?

Individuality. It is a big word that has a lot of meaning built inside of it. Every person is their own individual self with a unique identity that makes them who they are. Everyone differs in talent, creativity, sense of humor, dreams, interest, and fears. From the time you are born, everyone has his or her own unique traits that define who you are. These traits can come from the environment in which you are raised, and they develop from preferences, which molds your individuality and sets you apart from others.

Individuality is important to address and recognize because it teaches children how to be individual, separate from their parents. Strengthening individuality can be done in many ways including: 

  1. Giving children challenges that allows them to learn more
  2. Teaching  the importance of earning and learning through hard work
  3. Taking interest to the next level through support
  4. Teaching how to be assertive
  5. Not over-protecting by allowing children to take their own action

All of these are strategies help children build a healthy identity when started from a young age. Children are moldable, like clay, and they soak up everything they see, like a sponge. With this being said, it is important to allow children to become the person they seek to be by encouraging differences among them and others.

Introducing challenges will give the opportunity to explore different subjects and topics, even if you don’t see eye-to-eye. Whether it is hobbies, passions, or other interests, having an individual identity will help blossom them into their own person. Help build individuality in your home with the activities below!

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