April 22, 2020
by Hy-Vee KidsFit

Emotional Wellness

There is so much that goes into emotional wellness! Having a good attitude, a range of feelings, and monitoring self-esteem are all aspects of emotional wellness.

Take the 7 Days of Gratitude Challenge to bring awareness to your emotional wellness. Listing things you are thankful for is not only a great way to practice emotional wellness but a great way to start your day!

Here’s How You Do It:

  1. Download or print our 7 Day Gratitude Journal.
  2. Pick any 7 days that work for you!
  3. Choose a time that fits in your schedule and choose a good space for writing.
  4. Write 5 things you are thankful for!
  5. Repeat for all 7 days.


  •  If your child struggles to think of things they are grateful for help them brainstorm their favorite things or parts of their day. Help them less and less each day until they can list all 5 things on their own
  • Leading by example is a great way to build wellness habits in children. Try joining your child in 7 Days of Gratitude, you might be surprised by how your emotional wellness improves too!
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