April 22, 2020
by Hy-Vee KidsFit

Environmental Wellness

Environmental wellness means living in surroundings that support your health and well-being. All of the people and things around you are a part of your environment. Surrounding yourself with people and things that make you happy and keep you healthy is an easy way to support your environmental wellness.

Take the Plant a Vegetable Challenge to learn how to create a positive environment while bettering your own. Planting a garden is one way you can not only improve your environment but also support your physical health by growing nutritious foods!

Here’s How You Do It:

All You Need:

  • Vegetable Seeds
  • Soil
  • A Pot
  • Fresh Water
  • A sunny area

All You Do:

  1. Pick your vegetable
  2. Fill your pot with soil and plant your seeds! Make sure to pay special attention to any instructions on the back of your seed packet, different plants may have different needs!
  3. Wait and watch your plant grow! This will take some time, remember to check in on your plants often and stay patient!
  4. Harvest your vegetables! You could even use the vegetables you grow for the Summer of Smiles Social Challenge, Cook A Meal for Your Family!
  5. Complete the Plant a Vegetable reflection worksheet.


  • Once it’s time to harvest, have a conversation with your child about what they did for the environment and what the environment is doing for them in return. Their plant was able to grow by having sunlight, soil and water and in return the vegetable will provide them with nutrients to energize them and help them grow!
  • Ask your child what things they need in their environment to help them grow.
  • Encourage your child to think of ways they can take responsibility for creating their own positive environment the way they did for their vegetable garden.
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