April 22, 2020
by Hy-Vee KidsFit

Intellectual Wellness

Intellectual health is the ability to learn new things, practice new skills and challenge yourself. Challenging our intellectual abilities can be just as important as challenging our physical abilities. Problem solving and creativity as well as the ability to think quickly are all parts of an intellectual challenge and are great ways to improve our intellectual health. Games that force us to use these skills are a fun way to improve our intellectual health and abilities!

Here’s How to Do It:

Goal: The goal of this challenge is to use the minimal supplies you are allowed to build the tallest structure that can support a marshmallow on top.

The team or individual who does this successfully wins the challenge!

  1. Print the worksheet and make a plan
  2. Gather your supplies, each team gets:
    • 20 sticks of dry spaghetti
    • 3 feet of string
    • 3 feet of tape
    • 1 marshmallow
  3. Set a timer for 15 minutes
  4. Hit GO!
  5. Draw your final structure and measure the height


  • Help your kids practice creativity by allowing them to take control of the process. Let them design their structure and figure out how to make it come to life.
  • To promote problem solving allow your child to make mistakes and learn from them. Not every idea will work on the first try, encourage them to try again or find a new way to make their ideas work.
  • Help your child develop leadership skills by being a good helping hand. Ask them what you can do to help, and have them learn how to delegate tasks and communicate to get the job done.
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