November 22, 2020
by KidsFit Team

November 2020- Carson Gall


  • My Hy-Vee is the Williamsburg Hy-Vee in Lincoln, NE.
  • I come from a bended family! My family includes my dad (Eric), step mom (Cheseney), sister (Alana), and 2 step brothers (Ethan and Tucker).
  • I have three dogs named Cooper, Kensington, and Maisie. 
  • To learn more about Carson, watch his HSTV episode here!

PLAY: What is your favorite way to move?

My favorite way to move is playing soccer! I love playing middle forward so I can run up and down the field and even have the chance to score goals. 

CHALLENGE: What does it mean to challenge yourself?

To try something that you don’t know if you can do and keep on going until you get it!

COMMUNITY: How does your family encourage one another to make the healthy choice?

We are a blended family who values spending time with each other. We enjoy game nights, family dinners, and all of the great family activities that Lincoln has to offer, including the zoo, museums, and farmer’s markets! -Eric, Carson’s Dad

LEARN: How has your family adapted since the pandemic?

Although the pandemic has changed many activities outside the home, the kids have really adapted and enjoy some of the simpler things in life like riding scooters and bicycles, playing basketball and 4-square, and playing with our new puppy that seems to have endless energy. -Eric, Carson’s Dad

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