July 20, 2020
by KidsFit Team

How do I use KidsFit at my school?

As the world continues to adjust after the COVID-19 outbreak, your school may be adjusting as well. KidsFit understands and we are here to help! Use our resources to help make wellness fun & easy in a world where the importance of health is ever increasing. 

  1. School Wellness Club- Join the Wellness Club, exclusively for educators, to stay up to date on all things school wellness!
  2. Wellness Week- Learn how to get the complete KidsFit School Wellness Week guide and more for your school for FREE!
  3. Virtual Learning Resources- Looking for resources to help your students practice wellness at home this school year? Look no further!
  4. Virtual PE- Keep your students active at home!
  5. Movement Breaks- Our goal is to make movement inclusive to all abilities. Follow along with our movements that can be done seated or standing!
  6. School Assemblies- Do you want the KidsFit team to come to your school? Request an assembly here!
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