August 31, 2022
by KidsFit

Skill Related Components of Fitness

Create a fun and functional field day at home or at school with activities based around the six skill related components of fitness! The six components are: agility, balance, coordination, speed, power and reaction time.

It is important to develop these skills early on. The better you are at these six skills the more fun moving your body will be! These skills will help you take control of the movement you do which means you’ll have a lot more fun while moving!

1. AGILITY is all about changing directions quickly, test your agility with a 5-10-5 cone drill!

2. BALANCE is the ability to stay upright and in control of your movement, test yours with three levels of single-leg balance!

3. COORDINATION is being able to control your body and move different parts together, show off your hand-eye coordination with a partner tennis ball toss!

4. SPEED is all about how fast you move, test your speed with a race around your school or playground!

5. POWER is the combination of strength and speed, it’s moving with a lot of force really quickly, show off your power with a broad jump!

6. REACTION TIME is how fast you can see something happen, and then physically react to it, test your reaction with a tennis ball drop!