February 3, 2021
by KidsFit Team

Wellness Week

Start the school year off on the right foot by making health a priority for your students, staff and community by hosting your own Hy-Vee KidsFit Wellness Week! Join the School Wellness Club today to receive the Wellness Week guide for FREE

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  1. Mark your calendar for October 4th – October 8th 2021. This year Hy-Vee KidsFit Wellness Week will be the same week for every participating classroom. 
  2. Plan ahead! Each day of Wellness Week has four activities that can be completed in the classroom. Use this guide to preview the activities and work them into your lesson plans. 
  3. Make it unique to your classroom! Use the supplemental material in this guide to help create your own unique spin on each of the daily themes.
  4. Celebrate your Wellness Week! Don’t forget to take lots of pictures! This will help us determine which classrooms completed their Wellness Week to the fullest!
  5. Fill out the completion survey by October 15th for the chance to win prizes for your school! The more activities your class completes, pictures you submit, and uniqueness you add to your classroom’s Wellness Week the better!


  1. Already a part of the School Wellness Club? You will receive the guide in all KidsFit School Wellness Club emails in the month of September!  
  2. Not a member? Join the Club! You will the guide in your welcome email starting September 10th! 


  • Classroom Slideshow
  • Daily Themes
    • Mindful Monday
      Health isn't just about taking care of your physical body, we need to take care of our minds too. 
    • Try It Tuesday
      Build your brain and body by finding new ways to move and fuel.
    • Wellness Words Wednesday
      Learn new words to improve student's (and staff's!) health literacy.
    • Teamwork Thursday
      Focus on teamwork in the classroom, throughout the school and at home. 
    • Fitness Friday
      Celebrate your school's wellness efforts with a field day and a whole lot of fun!
  • Five Daily Activities
    • PLAY- An activity your students up and moving
    • LEARN- Health education to empower your students
    • EAT- Nutrition education to make healthy eating simpleCHALLENGE- Make healthy habits stick by challenging your students to do their best
    • TAKE HOME CHALLENGE- Encourage your classroom families to continues healthy habits at home! 
  • Supplemental Activities
    • Morning Announcements
    •  Videos 

Join the School Wellness Club