May 7, 2020
by Jake Potratz


A lot of sports are based around being fast and explosive, but not all of them. Some sports like cross country or distance running require us to have more cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Endurance is all about being active for longer periods of time.

Whether you want to run around the block, run for a mile, or even run a race like a 5K you have to start somewhere. And even if running isn’t your thing, improving cardiovascular endurance and your heart’s ability to work over long periods of activity can benefit you in any sport that you play.

This training session will test and improve your endurance with longer bouts of activity paired with shorter and shorter amounts of rest.

Here's How You Do It:

  1.       Find some space to move, you’ll need about 10 feet
  2.       Click PLAY and have FUN!