May 12, 2020
by Jake Potratz

Football Fun

This activity will bring a pro football combine (can we say NFL Combine?) right to your home with a fun little circuit to test your strength, power, speed, and agility!

The Combine is where football players go to test their skills and show off their football abilities.

Just like the pros, we’re going to put our skill and abilities to the test with this Combine circuit! For our circuit:

  • We have push-ups to test our strength.
  • Broad Jumps to test our power.
  • A Side to side drill to test our agility.
  • And some sprinting in place to test our speed

Here's How You Do It:

  1. Find some space to move, we need about 10 feet
  2. Place 2 cones or markers down to mark off your space
  3. Press PLAY and have FUN!