Blue square skateboarding

Moving With MyPlate


Hy-Vee Dietitian

MyPlate is an easy tool to help you create a nutritious, balanced meal. Have fun with our MyPlate movement challenge to learn the 5 different food groups and how they fuel our bodies.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Read the description of each food group below.
  2. Practice the movement associated with each group.
  3. Just Push Play on the video and follow along. Food images will appear on the screen. Say what the food is, what group it’s in, and do the movement associated with that group.

Fruits: What’s your favorite fruit? Fruits and 100% fruit juice are good for our bodies and keep us from getting sick. When you see a fruit on the screen, Do a Jumping Jack.

Vegetables: Do you have a favorite veggie? Vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals, which keep our organs healthy. When you see a vegetable appear, do High Knees

Grains: What’s a grain that you like? Grains give us energy to move our bodies. When you see a food in the grain group, run fast in place!

Protein: What’s your favorite protein to eat? Protein is an important food group because it helps build strong muscles. When you see a protein, flex your muscles and show how strong you are!

Dairy: Do you have a favorite kind of dairy? Dairy gives us calcium, which helps our bones grow stronger. When you see a food in the dairy group, do a Squat.