Wellness Week!

Did you know kids need 60 minutes of play each day?

Follow along every FALL with the Hy-Vee KidsFit School Wellness Club to encourage your students to move more minutes to earn more prizes and make moving 60 minutes each day, a habit.

NOTE: You must be a School Wellness Club Member to be eligible for rewards!

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Wellness Week Rewards

Participating in the KidsFit Challenge gives your school, staff, and students the ability to earn rewards. Here's how you do it:

  • Join the School Wellness Club

    In the club you will be notified of all rewards to schools, teachers and your students.

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  • Register

    Registration will open Fall of 2024

  • Submissions Closed

    Only registered teachers are eligible to submit to win rewards.

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Move along with our 5-day Tool Kit.

Lead your classroom on a positive journey around moving their bodies. Use worksheets, videos and motivational messages to help inspire the next generation.


BONUS: Certificate and Templated Class Frame for your school to celebrate their hard work!

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Help us help others!

Healthy habits can't just stay at school. Your students can join the KidsFit Club at home to complete the monthly challenges and earn rewards. Just like the School Wellness Club, It's FREE. Let your families at your school know all about the perks.

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Join the School Wellness Club!

Don't miss out on making health a positive experience for kids at school. Together, we can inspire a healthier and happier generation.

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