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Squat Challenge!

Improve physically and mentally with the Squat Challenge. Squats teach body awareness, improves your overall strength, and provide practical applications to our daily lives.

Help us reach our goal of 5 million squats. Sign Up TODAY!

Registration closes 1.25.24!!!

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Squat Challenge Rewards

Participating in KidsFit Challenge gives your school, staff, and students the ability to earn rewards. Here's how you do it!

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FREE Tool Kits and more!

Follow along with our 5-Day Tool Kit to help keep your classroom motivated to move with worksheets, videos and motivational messages.

Pick your 5-days that work best for your classroom to focus on goal-setting, consistency and teamwork together with your students.

Tool Kits sent to Teachers in the School Wellness Club on January 26, 2024.

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Join the School Wellness Club!

Don't miss out on making health a positive experience for kids at school.

Together, we can inspire a healthier and happier generation.

Sign Up!

Resources to make the challenge special for the classroom!

  • Squat Challenge Tool Kit

    Click through the tool kit for daily motivation and strategy for your classroom!

    Tool Kit
  • Photo Frame

    Celebrate and unify your classroom!

    Get Photo Frame
  • Squat Challenge Certificate

    Celebrate your achievements to send home to encourage healthy habits at home.

    Get certificate
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Help US, help OTHERS!

Healthy habits can't just stay at school. Your students can join the KidsFit Club at Home to complete the monthly challenges and earn rewards.

Just like the School Wellness Club, It's FREE. Let your families at your school know all about the perks.