Back-2-School Backpack Tag

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Back-2-School time is a season of change for the whole family. We want to do our part to help make this a positive change for you.


  1. Visit your local Hy-Vee
  2. Go to customer service and pick up your free bag tag
  3. Available starting August 21st *while supplies last*

As we navigate change together, we invite you to have a conversation with your family as you grow through this season. Use these KidsFit Bag Tags as a way to help you talk to your kids about kindness, responsibility and safety.

bag tag


Not all kids get new backpacks or new clothes at the back-2-school time but this bag tag can help kids add new "flare" to their backpack. Use this tag as a reminder to have a conversation with your kids about treating their property kindly as well as welcoming new or old friends with kindness.


Going back to school opens each child to add a new layer or responsibility. Take ownership of their belongings and their actions with their classmates and teachers. Fill out the Bag Tag with your child to help them feel like they have that responsibility for them at school.


Going to and from school looks different for families. Having a form of identification on your belongs if you get lost or your bag gets lost can help you and your family. It is also a place where you can list allergies so others around you can help you safely.

Please share your back-2-school pictures with your bag tags on social media. We are wishing you a happy and healthy school year.

XOXO KidsFit