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Back to School Breakfast

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Hy-Vee Dietitian

Breakfast can boost your mood giving you a little extra happiness in the morning, it can help increase the ability to concentrate, and give you extra energy to help you wake up and go! School starting up again makes now the perfect time to reset your breakfast routine.

Eating breakfast every day is a great healthy habit to set for life. Finding great breakfast recipes can help encourage kids to start eating breakfast regularly. No one knows breakfast like our friends at Kodiak Cakes! Not only are their products tasty, they are also super nourishing. Here are a few reasons we love Kodiak Cakes!

  1. They use whole grains! This means more fiber, protein, and vitamins & minerals!
  2. Their products are protein packed! Protein helps keep us energized through big adventures and supports muscle recovery after.
  3. They encourage a sense of adventure! Kodiak Cakes mission is to inspire healthier eating and active living with nourishment for today's frontier. Everything from their packaging to high-quality ingredients inspires adventure!

Are you ready to add Kodiak Cakes to your breakfast rotation? Give some of our favorite Kodiak Cakes recipes a try!

  • Banana Bread
  • Sheet Pan Pancakes
  • Pancake Sushi

Short on time but still wanting all of the deliciousness and nutrition Kodiak Cakes has to provide? No worries! Kodiak Cakes has a wide range of toaster waffles & flapjacks that a perfect for those mornings you are rushing to get out the door!