DIY Spring Training Camp

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The change of seasons is a perfect time to embrace new or refresh old goals. What you will be doing this SPRING season? Maybe it's reading a new book series, keeping your room clean, acing your tests for the end of school or maybe you are starting some spring sports.

Everything you do requires personal endurance and strength and this is why we created a DIY Spring Training Camp just for you for being part of the KidsFit Club.

Your local Hy-Vee is here to help your feel and fuel your best as you start your Spring Training Camp!


  1. April 1st - Visit your local Hy-Vee to get your FREE Gatorade Water Bottle. (available while supplies last)
  2. Start your DIY Spring Training Camp at home.
  3. Invite your friends & family
  4. Submit your Spring Training Camp for the chance to win a KidsFit Electric Scooter! (adult must help you submit your challenge)

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