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Episode 8, Partner Workouts

Throwback Fitness

Get ready for a fun workout and a few laughs with your family and friends! You can do this workout outside or inside your home. You and your partner can have fun completing this ‘Throw Back’ workout together. You must each complete exercise #1 before moving onto exercise #2, #3, and #4. If you want to see improvement in this activity, record your time after your complete exercise #4. Good luck! HAVE FUN!! 1. 10 Squat High-Fives 2. 5 Plank Under/Over (each person) 3. 5 Resisted Leg Drops (each person) 4. 5 Wheel Barrow steps forward (each person) Repeat this circuit to increase the difficulty. Check out www.hy-veekidsfit.com and sign up for the 5-Week Challenge for more FUN & FREE workout videos.

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