Strength Training Pyramid

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Let’s Build Strong Muscles!

The American College of Sports Medicine recommends children to participate in strength training at least three times per week! Strength training can be performed in different ways by playing on playground equipment, climbing trees, tug-of-war, or performing exercises such as push-ups, squats, or sit-ups!

What is strength training? Strength training is a type of exercise that builds strong muscles through adding resistance to movement. Resistance is anything that adds FORCE to your muscles, like gravity, body weight, or even equipment, such as dumbbells.

Benefits of strength training:

  • • Helps prevent your body from injuries!
  • • Build muscle strength and power!
  • • Mind and body control using safe and proper form!
  • • Prompt a healthy heart and body!

  • Target muscles by performing these exercises:
  • Quads: squats, lunges, jump squats
  • Glutes: reverse lunge, glute bridge raises, lateral lunge
  • Back: bent over row, push-ups, superman
  • Chest/Shoulders: push-ups, overhead press, inch worms

Here’s how you do it!

1. Print off our Resistance Training Worksheet.

2. Mark X for the three days of the week you will complete the pyramid.

3. Put on your backpack with books and folders inside.

4. Complete all layers of the pyramid to reach the top!

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