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Life can be hectic and busy. Sometimes we can forget about the most important part of each day, bedtime! Adequate sleep impacts everyday activities and can have long lasting effects on social and mental functioning, as well as lead to behavior and health problems. An easy way to prioritize sleep is to build a bedtime routine. Children thrive on a regular bedtime routine, so use these tips and tricks to help begin building your best routine.


The first step to better sleep is relaxing our bodies and winding down from the day. Here are some relaxing movements with Hy-Vee KidsFit that can help calm the body and mind.


Too much of anything is not good. Try limiting your screen time or consuming too much food or drink right before bedtime. This will help you sleep more restful.

Be Prepared

Being prepared for the next day can help us relax and focus on the present. Completing simple tasks like packing our backpack or picking out our outfit for the next day, we can help relax our mind and focus on our sleep instead.

Choose Comfort

An easy way to relax at night is to incorporate things that are comforting to you into your bedtime routine. Listening to music, reading a book, or saying good night to loved ones before bed are all easy tasks that can help us sleep better.

Are you ready to build your bedtime routine? The tips and tricks above are just a few ways you can get better sleep, check out our Bedtime Bingo Challenge to learn more and get started with your bedtime routine!

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All kids who submit their monthly will get a prize to pick up at their local Hy-Vee on September 1, 2023.