Running Triangle

Running 101

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Running is an important part of any race, but it can be very difficult too. The running portion can be lengthy and will test your cardiovascular and muscular endurance.

Here’s 3 tips to help you succeed at running during a race:

  • Safety First
    • Find somewhere safe to train.
    • Train with a friend. This will keep you motivated and hold you accountable.
    • Start small and work big. Run smaller distances or combine running with walking at the beginning, then work your way up towards race day.
  • Practice Good Mechanics
    • Keep your head up, and always look out in front of you.
    • Have good posture. Stand up right, no hunched shoulders, and keep your core engaged.
    • Use your feet to push the ground away, don’t just lift them up and down.
  • Running Hills
    • Up-hill running - Lift knees higher, run on your toes, and keep arms pumping.
    • Down-hill - Let gravity take you, lean into the downhill with your hip.

Remember these tips when you train for your race and you will be a much more successful runner!